domingo, 6 de junho de 2010

What I have been doing... (or not)

I know this term I have been away. Sometimes I think "today I will read this pages of this book, I will write a learning journal, I will study this lesson..." but when the time comes I just act lazy, surf in the internet or just go to sleep, leaving all the work for the next day, but in the other day the same thing happens, and so on... I really do not know why this happens, but I often have this phases, especially since I came to this school.
Now, I know it's too late to start working, but I am completely aware of what I've done and what I haven't done.

Reading Project...

My reading project was a complete faillure. Actually I never liked reading, the only books I've ever read (and those ones after watching the respectives movies) are The Twilight series and Harry Potter (not the whole yet), as you can see, stories that involve a wide range of fantasy and creativity.
I also know that you had told me not to read Kramer vs. Kramer, but I'm really stubborn and once I make up my mind for something I just stop when I achieve that aim, even if it's written that it will fail.
So, I am aware that my presentation was not a presentation, neither something similar and it's also true that I did not want to repeat it - I really did not like the book. You can call it laziness, not being worried about the marks or whatever... It was my decision , unfortunately the wrong one, but now it's taken...


This year I celebrated my eighteenth birthday, more precisely on the 5th of May. Actually I'm not like the people who like to make grand parties, especially on such dates as the 18th birthday. So this year I just planned (forced) to have a dinner with some friends of my parents and their children that are of my age. I was not really in the mood for any party, but I really enjoyed it. Of course I knew the people, we are friends since I was born, so I was aware that they are nice people.
But my surprise was when Cátia (hope you remember her) invited me to sleep in her house on the 7th of May. Never did I suspect what was she planning (with some other friends of mine outside school). So, on Friday I went to her house with all my things expecting that we would spent the whole night talking and watching movies and stuff like that. But no! At dinner time, she told me that we had to go to her sisters' house to fetch something, so I went with her. When we got to Parque das Nações, we were walking towards a restaurant (neither at this time I was getting her idea), then I saw a friend of mine and Ricardo - who do not know each other - sitting in the same table with Inês and Vanessa, increadibly or not, I sitll hadn't understand what was going on, only when they gave me the present and sang the Happy Birthday song did I understand it was a surprise party organized by Cátia.

quinta-feira, 3 de junho de 2010

A New Way of Getting to School

Since the beginning of May I’ve been coming to school in a different transport. Try to take a guess... will it be...
- By car?
- By motorcycle?
- On foot?
No. Wrong guesses. Sorry! I was eighteen just in the beginning of last month, so it can’t be the car or the motorcycle. I could come on foot; however I would have to wake up really early, which is something quite impossible for me, my bed is really comfortable and my house is not that near on foot of course.
Well, I’ll kill your curiosity, the mean I have been using is the bicycle. I do not need any license to ride it, I do not pollute the atmosphere and the best part of it is that I burn calories, which is awesome. Also, in this mean, I get faster to school and enjoy much more the journey.

domingo, 11 de abril de 2010

2nd, 3rd & 4th of April

In this weekend I went to Nazaré for a religious meeting. We have this meetings every years, but this time enjoyed a lot as I met a many people and some that I hadn't seen for a long and also some that I met in 2007 in England. The objective of this get together is to know new people and to make us aware that how dependent we are on God and without Him life is impossible - to those who don't believe in God, this may sound weird, but for me it's not like that. One of the proofs that God really exists is the "production" of blood, which is only produced by Him and never in any laboratory.

Despite having so much fun and knowing what was expecting me, I confess that I hesitated a lot whether to go or not...

quinta-feira, 1 de abril de 2010

Going to Italy...

Today I woke up at half past five, a bit earlier that the other days, because today I was going to Italy- Milan! I was really happy as I've never been there. And when we hear about Milan, the first thing that comes to our mind is: shopping, big stores...
Well, still talking about Lisbon... I arrived at the airport at the time we had decided, but I had forgotten the meeting point and I didn't have the mobile phone, so I couldn't even call the teacher or Carolina. But after looking for them for a while I found them (the airport is not that big, so there was no problem). Then, we checked in, said goodbye to our parents and went towards the gate. Before that, we have to go through a metal detector and we have to put our possessions in a basket, so they can see what's there by X-Ray. While doing that, one of the security guards might have thought I'm a terrorist or kind of, and asked his colleague to check me more. To calm me down, the teacher told me that they were checking like from 20 to 20 people... I guess I did not believe in that. Come on! I can see the reality... or maybe not. After that, we showed a bit of the Lisbon airport to Carolina, as it was her first time and then we went to our gate, which didn't take too long to open. Unfortunately, the plane took a long time to take off, it was supposed to depart at half past eight, but it only did at nine o'clock, more or less, but we arrived on time to Madrid (we still got some time to eat a sandwich) to catch our plane to Malpensa, which on the other hand, was right on time. At two o'clock we were in Milan, where once again the guard stopped me to ask where I was from... only when Carolina told him we were from Lisbon he let us go... Then we waited a while for the teachers' friend that was going to give us lift to Cadorna, where we would be meeting Giulia and her father, to take us their home.

quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

My Name is Khan - My Name is Khan and I'm not a terrorist!

This is the latest movie by Karan Johar, my favourite Bollywood, well the only, producer I really like, I've seen all his movies and they are great!

My Name is Khan is the story Rizwan Khan (Shah Rukh Khan), a Muslim man. Rizwan is not like other people, he has some kind of illness that not even doctors can say what that is, but it makes him being afraid of new places and the yellow colour. He spent his childhood in India with his mother, but when she died Khan (the way everyone called him) he moved to the USA, to live with his brother Zakir (Jimmy Shergill). While trying to adapt to the new city, Khan falls in love with Mandira (Kajol) and eventually manages to get married with her, as she is divorced and has a son, Sameer aka Sam (Yuvaan Makaar). After their marriage they move to a new city, which proves to be hard for him, but Mandiras' love for him helps him getting through it; and also Mandira and her sons' surname changes to Khan (which is related to terrorism). Because of that, Sam is killed by some boys at school, during a ridiculous fight in which his best friend was also present, but unable to do anything. When Mandira sees her son dead in the hospital, throws Khan out of the house accusing him from being the guilty of Sams' death. And makes him promise to just come back, only when he meets the President of USA and tells him "My Name is KHAN and I'm not a Terrorist", that's when his loooong journey to meet the President starts.
Will he be able?

PS: while watching this film, I cried since the beginning till the end of it, it really touches us. Well, every movie by Karan Johar are really very emotional, but this one is THE ONE! It's a must...